an on-chain idle mmo.
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Everybody's Invited.Join the largest MMO on Ethereum, slaying enemies and meeting comrades along the way.

Join everyone in the Raid Dungeon.

Fend off bosses, build your team, and earn rewards together with everyone in Raid Party, the on-chain idle MMO.
Deal DamageEarn CFTI!CFTI is the utility token of the RaidParty ecosystem! Use it to mint new NFTs, enhance your current ones, and more!
The Roadmap
While you were gone, you earned
Time Lapsed: 4hrBosses Defeated: 4Hr
Collect NFTs
Assemble your Party
Start your party withRaidParty HerosOur trademark visuals, the headshot / profile pictures of RaidParty. Lead your fighters into battle with your hero!
Deal damage withRaidParty FightersFighters are the real damage dealers of the RaidParty ecosystem. They hit hard to yield that coveted $CFTI.6 Unique Classes
Limitless EnhancementSpend CFTI to enhance your heroes and fighers limitlessly, and deal even more damage than their initial DPS.
Base DPS200 DPS
Enhancement +1+ 200 DPS
Enhancement +2+ 400 DPS
Enhancement +3+ 600 DPS
Enhancement +4+ 1000 DPS
Enhancement +5+ 1600 DPS
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